Who We are

CrossFit BulletProof is a high intensity training geared towards individuals who are ready to take healthy living to the next level.

Our sessions are designed to give you a total body workout through gymnastics, Olympic weight-lifting and metabolic conditioning.

The training can be modified for fitness enthusiast of all levels. If you are a beginner, expert or just want to change up your normal routine then CrossFit is what you’ve been waiting for. 

At CrossFit BulletProof, safety and mechanics are taught first, intensity comes soon after. 

Our Story

Philip started training fellow co-workers in CrossFit through bootcamps and in his garage gym. He soon discovered his employees were becoming more confident and energetic at work. These changes were not only physical and mental but total life transformations.
Philip quickly realized helping people get stronger both physically and mentally was his true ambition and exactly where he was supposed to be.
Opening CrossFit BulletProof was a natural progression where Philip was able to combined his background in sports and fitness, competitive business management and the desire to help people get healthy and stay fit.

Tomorrow is always harder, but we keep coming back to be better than we were yesterday.

Why Us

  • Short Effective Workouts
  • Community
  • Personal Training
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Workout Variety
  • Goals Beyond Weight Loss

Our Mission

  • Provide an inviting workout environment
  • Train safe and effective workouts
  • Help members create a healthy lifestyle
  • Provide the guidance to succeed
  • Deliver fitness for all levels
  • Have fun in the name of fitness

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