Below are a list of frequently asked questions. If your question was not answered please contact us.

Filterable FAQ

-What do I need to bring with me to workout?
Water, towel (optional), appropriate athletic clothing and most importantly, a strong drive to workout.
-Does the gym offer childcare?
Children are welcome to stay in the office while you workout. However, there is no supervision and Crossfit Bulletproof is not responsible for their safety.
-Does the gym have a changing room or shower?
There is a private bathroom located in the office.  The gym does not have a shower.
-What is WOD?
WOD is the Workout of the Day. Posted here.
-What is AMRAP?
As many repetitions and/or rounds as possible.
-What does Rx or Rx’d mean?
It is the recommended or prescribed weight. WOD done without any modifications.
-What if I can’t use the recommended weight?
You can use a weight that's manageable to you or use a percentage of the weight prescribed.