90 Day Muscle Mass Challenge

The time is NOW… we are hosting our 1st Lean Muscle Mass Challenge!

The rules go as followed:
– Gain the most muscle mass percentage from April to June
*Body Analytic’s testing will track this for you*
What Body Analytic’s will tell you is your overall weight, body fat percentage and your lean muscle mass percentage. We are focusing ONLY on lean muscle mass percentage in this Challenge aka “The Gains.”

So for those of you who have been participating in the current 90 Day Body Fat Challenge keep in mind you have incorporated great eating habits that have you one step closer to a lower body fat percentage. You should remember that when you lower your body fat percentage it in return increases your lean muscle mass percentage.

**Keep in mind Annual CFBP Party Barg is on June 6th “Suns out guns out” **

Cost is $150 to join
and is $95 for those who are currently in 90 Day Body Fat Challenge

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