BulletProof Banter Week of 2/17/14


Power Yoga is coming to the box! Michelle Savage-Mena will be teaching power yoga on Mondays and Wednesdays at 10am starting this week! Wednesday 2/19 will be her first class, so make sure you don’t miss out on this great addition to the box.

This 45 minute class is designed for building strength and increasing flexibility. You will work deep intrinsic core muscles, play with arm balances, open up tight hips and hamstrings, and gain a deeper awareness of your breath and alignment. You will heal and prevent common injuries as you learn to move more efficiently and increase your range of motion.

Yoga and CrossFit may seem like completely different methods of training but combined they can work together to build a better athlete. Yoga can help you with recovery and flexibility. It allows you to stretch out your muscles and aids in recovery for ligaments, tendons and other soft tissues. Flexibility is key when trying to attain perfect form. We can all benefit from increased range of motion. Poor flexibility can limit what we are able to do, like lacking shoulder flexibility can affect your overhead squat but having more hip flexibility will help with deadlifts or kettlebell swings. Yoga strengthens the core and back muscles while improving balance, stability and coordination.



Thanks to all that competed in the “I would take a Bullet for You” and “F*ck Love” Competitions this past Saturday! It was a great turn out and thanks to our volunteers to helping. Congrats to Kira Mueller and Darrell Boss for taking 1st place in the Couples Division, and Walter Lopez for the Singles. You guys took our hearts away!



Softball season has started and shout out to our three teams, “Snatch Me if You Can”, “Racks and Sacks”, and “Jerks and Snatches”. Games are every Sunday at Havins Field off N. Lamar. Check Facebook for our game times, and come support our follower CFBP members in kicking some butt on the fields!



Having trouble with those double unders? Need some extra guidance? Well, help is on the way. We have scheduled an exclusive Double-Under Clinic to be taught by Lee Reisig, a jump rope champion from FlightCrew Jumpropes.

The Clinic will be a two part:

Double Under section will cover everything you need to know to practice and perfect double unders.  He will discuss rope types and their uses, handles types and their uses, the proper way to size a rope, proper jumping technique, proper arm placement and technique, progression to getting your first double under, drills to develop stringing your doubles together, drills to develop wrist speed, drills to develop rhythm and timing, tons of demonstrations, and critique of each jumper’s form with helpful tips and comments.

Freestyle section will  demonstrate a little bit of the 6 types of skills
in freestyle jumping (footwork, swings, crosses, releases, multiples,and power).

Save the Date for March 8th from 1 – 3pm. Cost will be $25 and space will be limited, so please make sure to sign up at the box or by email with Christabel (christabel@crossfitbulletproof.com)


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