“Get Ripped”

Getting ripped is your overall goal in working out, but I bet you didn’t know your hands would get ripped too!

Hand Maintenance is key to not turning a callus into a painful rip. I don’t know about you but taking a shower after a good ole pull up workout is like the most painful experience starting with the water then bar of soap and lastly the shampoo! Here are some key points to remember when a rip occurs and the shower is next:

  •  Use super glue (of any sort) to close the hanging skin
  • Use nail clippers to cut off any hanging skin

Remember calluses are a “byproduct of strength training & weight lifting, just like building muscle & losing fat are.” The pressure of the bar against the bones of your hands promotes callus formation, whether it be from a pull up bar, rings or just your typical oly bar. The pain doesn’t go away when gripping a bar, so making sure that you shave your calluses is important.

Shave Calluses. Don’t bite or rip off calluses with your nails, you’ll rip off too much and they’ll bleed. Shave calluses every 10 days. Avoid too much shaving: it weakens the surrounding skin, causing ripped callus. Tools you can use:

  • Pumice stones
  • Nail files
  • Foot files


Things to focus on to keep your grip will be chalk and gripping the bar correctly. We all know chalk is good for those sweaty palms, but it is also good for filling in the gaps to smooth out your hand. Make sure you put the bar close to your fingers and not in the palm of your hand. If you are unsure that you are doing this correctly then your hands will tell you by where your calluses appear.

*Don’t forget there are also wraps you can wear that can help with this problem as well, I prefer bare handing everything! Who says a woman with some calluses isn’t sexy?!

Happy lifting my fellow crossfitters!





Information pulled from: http://www.crossfittheclub.com/

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