“To Eat or To Puke, that is the question!”

Before you going to the gym you make the decision to eat or not to eat. This is because you know that given the workout it is liable to come back up and say hello. So this blog is to help those that stumble across the statement:


I’m Hungry, but I Don’t Want to Puke!


There are a lot of people out there that have never done a Crossfit competition before. The question for many will be “How do I keep my body from getting fatigued?”

We have an answer, may not be the answer that some agree with, but the important thing to remember is that every body is different all the way down to the finger print! You want to start off with a light breakfast including eggs and avocado. I can’t tell you how many to eat because again I don’t know your body and how you handle your portions, but just keep it light. Make sure you eat at least an hour before you get to the competition. This is so your body has time to digest hopefully before you leave home. We all know the competition gitters have a habit of showing up right when we walk in the door!

On Reebok’s site Coach Justin mentions using coconut water as a substitute for potassium to help prevent craps from sneaking up on you during a WOD. I personally am a huge fan of this idea and highly recommend it for those of us that have cut bananas out of our diet. Now yes bananas are a fruit and yes they have good value, but they also contain a high level of sugar. With the coconut water like Justin has mentioned you can “mix it into your protein shake” and bam you have a two in one combo that is keeping you hydrated and helping push the cramps out the door! This will be the post workout “meal” for you after a WOD. Keep each post meal light, may be don’t even consider it a meal better yet a SNACK!

Good Snacks:

Berries, nuts (mixed), apple slices, grapes, bananas (if preferred), cantaloupe, melon, almond butter, avocado, protein, coconut water, water

Important to remember:

More times than not you get a good break between each heat so you will want to make sure you get a good stretch in so your body doesn’t tighten up and you stay loose. This is when you want to bring in your “holy grails” the foam roller and the lacrosse ball. If you don’t have either of these items I highly recommend you getting them. Justin refers to stretching as a crucial part to you after a workout to secure your muscle and joint mobility for the next WOD. A lock up when starting your next workout will be on the same level as a cramp… NO FUN!

Now remember everyone has an opinion, this is just mine. Good luck on your next competition and I hope this food guide helps you to stay focused and strong!

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