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Philip Tamez

Owner, Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Kids Trainer

philip cf classicFor Philip, athletics and fitness has been a life long passion from pee wee sports to college football. Early in his career, he went to school to become a paramedic and instead of a becoming an EMT, found himself working in corporate America.

Philip started training fellow co-workers in CrossFit through bootcamps and his garage gym. He soon found his employees were becoming more confident and more energetic at work. These changes to his fellow co-workers were not only physical changes, but life changes.

Philip then realized exactly where he was supposed to be. Helping people become stronger mentally and physically is Philip’s true passion.

Opening CrossFit Bullet Proof is a natural progression where Philip can combine his competitive business management background, sports, fitness and the desire to help people get healthy and stay fit.

Philip is Level 1 certified, and CrossFit Kids certified.

Favorite Quote

If you want something youve never hadyou must be willing to do something youve never done.

Thomas Jefferson